November 2023 Product Roundup

Here's a roundup of the latest features, new improvements, and product updates for November! Read more to learn what you didn't know you could do with Tive, what you can do better, and see what’s next!


Tive is retiring our legacy API v2 on January 5, 2024

Tive is retiring its legacy Public API v2 on January 5, 2024. After this end-of-life date, your services will be interrupted and your API keys will be deleted. We are sunsetting our legacy API v2 to improve Tive’s performance, security, and integration capabilities. From new functionality to better documentation, API v3 provides a smoother experience—addressing issues such as system strain, rate limiting, and security gaps. To learn more about how to get started, please contact your Account Manager or drop us a note at

What’s New

Search for multiple devices at once on the Trackers page

Now you can search for multiple devices at once on the Trackers page—to save time finding the data you need most, when you need it. Customers can now search for multiple devices at once on the Trackers page—to save time finding the data they need most, when they need it.

Little Fixes = Big Improvements

  • API users can now retrieve the Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT), Standard Deviation Temperature (SD), and Degree Minutes Temperature (DM) to assess the cumulative impact of temperature variations on shipments via Retrieve Shipment Status Endpoints
  • Uploaded Tag photos can now be viewed in the Tive platform
  • Resolved an issue that prevented reports generated as PDFs from displaying raw data
  • Reports generated within the Shipment Search Portal and the Device Tracking Portal are now displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • Resolved an issue that prevented automatically-generated CSV reports from displaying data
  • Email links for report access now properly direct users to the login page
  • Resolved an issue that allowed general users to change tracker settings

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share a powerful new feature coming in December!

Control tracker settings using new device configurations

Do you regularly use the same device settings (transmission interval, measurement interval, etc.) on your Tive trackers? Coming in December, you will be able to create, modify, and attach a configuration to multiple devices in your inventory from within the Tive platform. Configurations are saved device settings that can be saved and attached to one or more devices. This new feature will give you greater control over your tracker settings. Note: Currently, this feature will only be available to organization admins who have requested feature access. If you’re interested in enabling this feature for your organization, please contact your Account Manager.