December 2022 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the new features and application bug fixes for this month, plus a sneak peek of three powerful new features coming in January. Check out the video to see these new features in action.

What’s New

Track shipments—plus more—now in Spanish!

The Tive platform now provides Spanish translation within our user interface! This allows you to translate the text displayed in the Tive platform user interface from English to Spanish. To change the display language to Spanish, navigate to your profile settings and scroll down to Settings. Click Update to select a language, and then click Save to update your changes, as shown below.

Update your language settings to Spanish
Display the Tive platform in Spanish

Use the Tive platform to update your trackers to the latest firmware

Organization admins can now update a tracker’s firmware from within the Tive platform—without having to contact support. You can check your tracker’s firmware status to see if the device is running the latest firmware, update all your trackers at once, or update firmware for individual trackers to test improvements before applying the new version to all trackers.

Update tracker firmware from within the Tive platform

Consolidated alerts view for notifications and updates

The Tive platform now provides a consolidated view of alert notifications and updates across all shipments, making it easier for you to take action to mitigate issues in-transit.

Consolidated alerts view for shipment notifications and updates

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of bug fixes for this month.

  • API users can now create location alerts using simple radius geofences
  • When receiving data into external applications, Tive webhooks support signature verification for added security
  • API users can now download the certificate of calibration
  • When creating API client credentials for a specific integration, API users can now select multiple accounts at once instead of creating credentials for each individual account
  • You can no longer create shipments in the same time zone including the same Ship date and Delivery date
  • Addressed an issue that prevented users for being able to edit a shipment

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share three powerful features coming in January:

Resolve & comment on alerts

Coming soon you will be able to resolve and comment on shipment alerts to more effectively mitigate issues during transit. With this new feature, you will be able to change the status of an alert from In Progress to Resolved, as shown below. This new feature will enable you to proactively manage shipment alerts, keep stakeholders informed, and resolve issues—so your shipments arrive on time and in full.

Resolve and comment on shipment alerts

Assign users to shipment alerts

You will be able to assign specific users to shipment alerts so they can be notified the moment an issue arises—and take action.

Assign users to shipment alerts