February 2022 Product Roundup

Here’s your roundup of the new features and bug fixes in the Tive application this month. And we're giving you a sneak peek of a powerful new feature that will make creating shipments even easier.

What's New

It’s fast and easy to get a shipment summary report without the raw data

Gone are those long shipping reports. You can now generate and download a shipping report that only includes the summary data. When you create a report, select the new PDF option. If you want to include the raw data in your shipment summary report you can, too. Just select the PDF with Raw Data option.

Shipment reports include shock time and value data

Get more visibility into shock data to investigate potential shipment damage. Shipment reports now include the details of shock events, including the exact shock value, the date and time of the shock event, and in cases where there are multiple trackers in a shipment, which tracker is the source.

Automatically detect and fix errant pings

Gone are those pesky errant pings! The application now automatically fixes bad locations for in-flight errant pints for improved tracking accuracy. How do you know if something is an errant ping? A location is identified as an errant ping if it appears to move faster than a cargo plane (1126kph/700mph), over a longer distance (>100km), or if a previously known bad point repeats as an errant ping.

Explore the latest features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month:

  • The estimated battery duration for the Solo 5G non-Lithium Tracker now shows the correct duration for battery life.
  • You can now include special characters, such as a Shipment ID, when searching for a shipment.
  • When you mark a notification as read, the red circle no longer appears on the bell icon.
  • When you click the Mark All as Read option, all notifications are now marked with a green circle to indicate they have been read.
  • When you click the Load more button, you now see the loading animation, letting you know your notifications are loading.
  • Shipment reports now correctly show graphs.
  • When you cancel the process for creating a shipment you now stay on the same page instead of getting redirected to the upcoming shipments page.
  • When you login to the Tive application you are no longer redirected to the login page multiple times.

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

What’s Coming

We’re working on a whole new experience that will make creating a shipment more intuitive, provide a modern user experience, and give you even more visibility into your shipments. All of these changes will make it faster to create a shipment, saving you valuable time. We aren’t stopping here: we are also adding shipment legs!

Here’s a sneak peek of the new look.

Be sure to check back next month for the latest updates.