January 2023 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the new features and platform bug fixes for this month, plus a sneak peek of five powerful new features coming in February. Check out the video to see these new features in action.

What’s New

Easily locate trackers across shipments

With this update, you can now easily locate trackers in your inventory or quickly filter your inventory list by device type on the Trackers page in the Tive platform. Rather than endlessly scrolling to find the tracker data you need, we’ve made it easier for you to navigate through your list of trackers—so you can save time and stay on top of your shipments.

Locate and sort trackers in your inventory

Create API credentials for multiple accounts at once & save time

Previously, API users could only create API credentials for individual accounts one at a time before starting integrations. With this update, you can now create API credentials for multiple accounts at once—which saves time during integrations. To create API credentials for multiple accounts at once, navigate to the Organizations tab, add the client ID and select one or more accounts, add a description, then click Generate Credentials.

Create API credentials for multiple accounts at once

Create location alerts using simple radius geofences via API

API users can now create a simple radius geofence for location alerts—and get notified when a shipment arrives or departs from within a specific location. To create a location alert, simply click Configure from the main tab then select Locations > Create Geofence > Create Location. Next, enter geofence details by typing in an address, select Simple Radius to create a circle geofence, then use the Tolerance slider on the left to adjust the radius.

API users can now download certificates of calibration

API users can now easily download their tracker certificate of calibration from within the Tive platform. To find your certificate, navigate to the Trackers page to view your tracker inventory. From here, navigate to the Certificate of Calibrations column, and click on the certificate link to download the certificate for that tracker.

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of bug fixes for this month.

  • When creating API credentials for an account, deactivated accounts have been removed from the dropdown list of accounts
  • When Tive support applies a configuration profile to one of your trackers, you are no longer able to change the tracker’s transmission or measurement intervals on the Trackers Details page
  • Carriers now appear in the Collaborators list
  • Resolved an issue preventing files attached to a shipment from being downloaded

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share four powerful features coming in February!

Manage alerts & generate reports–now in Spanish!

Currently, you can only create and manage shipments in Spanish within the Tive user interface. We are excited to announce that coming soon, you will also be able to manage your shipment alerts and generate reports in Spanish. To change the display language to Spanish, navigate to your profile settings and scroll down to Settings. Click Update to select a language, then click Save to update your changes, as shown below.

How to update your language settings to Spanish

Resolve & comment on alerts

Coming soon, you will be able to resolve and comment on shipment alerts to more effectively mitigate issues during transit. With this new feature, you will be able to change the status of an alert from In Progress to Resolved, as shown below. This new feature will enable you to proactively manage shipment alerts, keep stakeholders informed, and resolve issues—so your shipments arrive on time and in full.

Resolve and comment on shipment alerts

Assign users to shipment alerts

You will be able to assign specific users to shipment alerts so they can be notified the moment an issue arises—and take action.

Assign users to shipment alerts