July 2022 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the new custom user roles features and bug fixes for this month, along with a sneak peek of bulk shipment sharing.

What’s New

Collaborators can make reports private 

It’s easy to create a shipment report and make it private so only you can view by selecting the new option “Only viewable to me.” After you select this option, only you can see the report.

Making a report private

See Collaborators with whom you have shared a shipment

Can’t remember who you have shared a shipment with? You can now quickly scroll through all of the collaborators with whom you have shared a shipment.

Collaborators with whom you have shared a shipment

Get started exploring the new look and the latest features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month:

  • You can now see filters for your shipments and trackers correctly.
  • The battery life estimation is now more accurate on the Shipment Details page when changing the transmission intervals of a tracker. 
  • Shipments that have a non-road leg no longer report ETA in the ETA column on the Shipment List page. The ETA column now displays a dash.
  • The acceleration graph is now showing the X/Y/Z component.
  • Temperature alert emails now display “+” or “-” to indicate positive/negative, instead of parenthesis.
  • SMS alerts are now in a user’s local time zone, instead of UTC.
  • You can now see the last known location of your shipment in the Tracker details page.
  • You can now view sensor-related data in your time zone rather than the default GMT+2 time zone.

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share three powerful features coming in early August:

Create multiple shipments fast

You’ll be able to create multiple shipments via a CSV file and import them into the Tive application in just a few clicks. The import process alerts you to any errors found with your shipments so you can quickly fix the issues. You can also set up alert presets for one of all shipments in the CSV file. Additionally, you can:

  • See the list of previous shipments created via CSV upload. 
  • Download a shipment template import file to add your shipments.
  • See at-a-glance the status of your imported shipments. 

Here is a sneak peek at how you can create multiple shipments fast.

Upload shipments via CSV file

Share shipment with collaborators based on shipment location

It’s easy to streamline sharing shipments with the same location (Ship From or Ship To) address with multiple collaborators. Start by adding the shipment location, then assign collaborators with whom you want to share a shipment. Then, every time a shipment is created with this address it is automatically shared with the collaborators.

Share a shipment based on a location with multiple collaborators

Quickly share multiple shipments

You will also be able to share shipments with multiple collaborators by selecting shipments from the Shipment List page and then share them with specific collaborators.

Share multiple shipments with collaborators