July 2023 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of new features we released this month. Check out the video to see a few of these new features in action.

What’s New

Search for shipments by tracker ID to save time

Now you can easily search for shipments by tracker ID—and save time finding information about a particular shipment. From the Shipments page, simply enter your tracker ID to easily find the associated shipment.

Search for shipments by Tracker ID to save time

Quickly navigate to your last visited Shipment & Tracker pages

This new feature enables you to quickly navigate to your most recently-visited pages in the Tive platform—making it easier to streamline and resume tasks when managing multiple shipments at a time.

Navigate to most recently-visited pages with ease

Select specific sensitivity levels when creating light & shock alerts

When you create light and shock alerts in the Tive platform, you can now select sensitivity levels—enabling you to better protect your goods and detect in-transit risk.

Select sensitivity levels for light and shock alerts

Sort and filter tables to quickly find data 

You can now sort and filter tables in the Tive platform to quickly find the data most important to you. Click the filter icon (shown below), then filter data by condition. You can sort results in ascending or descending order, or search by text. To save or modify a filter, click Apply. Use this new feature to sort and filter the following tables:

  • Reports
  • Shipment templates 
  • Alert presets 
  • Geofence zones and locations 
  • Carriers 
  • Organization accounts, users, external users, webhooks, and APIs

If you need help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at