June 2022 Product Roundup

Learn more about the new custom user roles features and bug fixes for this month along with a sneak peek of bulk shipment sharing.

What’s New

See all of the tracker pings for a shipment 

In addition to seeing the most recent sensor data for a shipment, you can now navigate through all of the tracker pings using the Arrows < > on the Sensors tab in Shipment details as shown in the screenshot below. The timestamp, street address, and latitude and longitude are displayed, and you can view the sensor data point on the map.

Navigate through tracker pings

Customize shipment and tracker columns the way you want

You can now customize the list of columns on the Shipment and Tracker list pages when in windowed mode using the new Column button as shown below. Click the Column button and move the column names in the order you want them to appear on the Shipment or Tracker list pages. Please note, when in windowed mode, you only see the first four columns on the Shipment and Tracker list pages. 

Customize shipment and tracker columns

View carrier and mode information for each shipment leg

You can now view the carrier and mode information on the Details tab in Shipment Details for shipment legs as shown in the image below.

Carrier and mode information for a shipment leg

Get started exploring the new look and the latest features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month:

  • The ability to backdate a shipment to see the tracker data even if the shipment has been started at a later date in the platform now works properly.
  • When editing a shipment, you can now see the proper tracker icons attached to an upcoming shipment.
  • You can now remove a tracker from an upcoming shipment.
  • The correct logo for an organization now displays in reports.
  • Links in shipment alert details email now redirect to the appropriate alert details page.
  • Shared shipment pages are now using the units specified by an organization.
  • You can now go back to the Trackers page after opening the data sensor graph without having graph overlaps.
  • The sensor data graph in Tracker details is now removed when you navigate back to the previous page.
  • You can now see the correct limits in Miles/Meters/Kilometers when creating a route geofence.
  • You can now see the ETA in Shipment Details correctly, and for multi leg ocean or air shipments the incorrect ETA is no longer displayed.

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Coming Soon

We’re excited to share that soon you’ll be able to share shipments with multiple users. Here is a sneak peek at how that will work.