March 2022 Product Roundup

Get a sneak peek of a powerful new feature that will make creating shipments even easier. Watch the video to get an overview of new features in action.

What's New

View the location of in-flight air shipments in real time

Now you can track in-flight air shipments in real time using the new Air WayBill Number (AWB) field. To see the location of an in-flight shipment, select  Air Mode on the Create shipment page and enter the Air Waybill Number (AWB). The AWB number must be an 11-digit number.

New Air WayBill Number field

Get the ETA for multi-leg shipments that include an air leg

Get more visibility into a shipment’s ETA when it includes an air leg. You’re now able to see the total ETA for multi-leg shipments that include an air leg. Please note, you cannot see the ETA for each leg of a multi-leg shipment, just the total ETA.

ETA for multi-leg shipments that include an air leg

Explore the latest features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month:

  • When selecting a lane for shipment analysis, all shipments associated with that lane are now automatically selected.
  • The Carrier ID now displays in shipment legs.
  • (Tive Admins only) A Tive Admin can now view and assign users from the Organization admin page even if the user was in an account that was deactivated. Here’s a quick refresher on organizational structure. The hierarchy is Organization > Account > User. An Organization contains at least one Account. A User may belong to any number of Accounts, but they must all be within the same Organization.

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

What’s Coming

We’re working on some user interface changes that will make creating a shipment more intuitive, provide a modern user experience, and give you even more visibility into your shipments.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new shipment details page.

New user interface for shipment details

Be sure to check back next month for the latest updates.