May 2022 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the new custom user roles features and bug fixes for this month. There’s also a sneak peek showing how you'll be able to view carrier and mode information for shipments legs.

What's New

Unlock granular access of your shipment data with custom user roles

Custom user roles let you unlock access to your shipment data for more efficient collaboration with your shippers, carriers, and receivers - so your shipments arrive OTIF. With custom user roles, you ensure data security by controlling who can access or edit shipment location and condition data, in or outside of your organization. Permissions include controlling any user’s ability to

  • Create, schedule, edit, share or start a shipment 
  • Register or attach trackers to a shipment
  • View saved shipment templates, alert presets
  • Invite new users and remove existing users 
  • Give visibility or editing permissions for a given shipment to specific collaborators
  • Create or download shipment reports

Assign the right level of access to ensure data security

User role access controls make it easy to assign the right level of access to specific users to ensure data security. 

Assigning user role access

Get peace of mind knowing only the people you want see your shipment location or condition data

An organization admin can grant users in or outside of your organization permissions to view real-time shipment location or condition data and alert presets for a single shipment or for all shipments. Permissions include

  • View all location and condition data and alerts
  • View only location data and alerts
Shipment permissions

View actionable insights by sharing reports with people in or outside of your organization

An organization admin can grant permissions to access shipment reports to anyone in or outside of your organization. Permissions include

  • Only people in your organization can view a report and alert presets
  • Anyone the shipment is shared with can view that specific shipment report and alert presets

Share shipment data with people in your supply chain to streamline communications

You can share real-time shipment location and condition data with anyone in or outside of your organization. This includes sharing shipments with people who don’t have a Tive account but are part of your supply chain. When sharing shipment location or condition data, you can choose the desired access level to ensure data security. After you grant access to shipment data, that person will receive notifications for that shipment.

Sharing shipment data

Get started exploring the custom user roles features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month.

  • You can now add the carrier name when editing the details of a shipment.
  • The list of trackers load faster for improved performance. 
  • You now consistently see the same battery level for a tracker throughout the user interface.
  • You can now customize the columns when viewing the list of trackers in full-screen mode.
  • You now see the correct list of in-transit shipments for an area when browsing the side panel or when viewing on the map.
  • You now see the appropriate location methods for Solo 2G trackers based on their specific hardware version on the shipment details page.
  • You can now show and hide all columns when viewing the list of shipments in full-screen without any loading issues.
  • You can now zoom out on a map in shipment details without any map drag issues to see all of your shipments.
  • You can now change the tracker transmission intervals on the Trackers tab in Shipment Details.
  • You can see the addresses of shipment origin and destination when viewing the planned shipment route.

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Coming Soon

We’re excited to share that coming soon you’ll be able to see the carrier and mode information for shipment legs on the Shipment Details page.

View carrier and mode for shipment legs