October 2022 Product Roundup

Here’s a roundup of new features and bug fixes for this month, plus a sneak peek of adding collaborators to shipment templates. Watch the video to get an overview of new features in action.

What’s New

Share shipment condition data with specific users

Organization admins can now grant permission for specific users to see only condition data for a shipment. Users with condition-only data access are also able to view alerts and data for shipment conditions—without seeing the shipment’s current location or destination. Get peace of mind knowing that the only designated people can see shipment location and/or condition data.

Share real-time visibility for shipment conditions

Automatically generate reports

You can now automatically generate a report for every shipment, and you can also download multiple reports at once to save time. Before you can automatically download a report, you must first create a report template. The report template includes: report type, PDF or CSV file, sensor data to include, time zone, when you want to generate the report, who can see the report, and any users with whom you want to share the report.

Tive Public API v3

The API v3 is now available. Easily integrate more shipment data into your application to save shipments. Following is a sampling of some of the features available in the API v3.

  • Multi-leg shipments: Add legs to your shipments for even more visibility
  • Self-service authentication: Integrate more easily into your systems
  • Shipment collaboration: Share real-time shipment visibility data with shippers, carriers, receivers, and 3PLs to streamline collaboration
  • Probe data: Integrate probe sensor data, view probe sensor readings, generate a shipment report with probe data, and create alert presets that trigger based on probe temperature measurements
  • Standard RESTful conventions: Lightweight, independent, scalable, and flexible
  • New API documentation and examples: Get the information you need, when you need it

You can get a complete list of all new features here.

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of bug fixes for this month.

  • The Tracker List page no longer shows dates and times in the future.
  • You can now update a configuration profile that includes more than 2100 trackers.
  • The Save button on the Edit Shipment page is only enabled if you have made updates on the page.
  • The Shipment List and Shipment Details now show the same distance remaining value.
  • When creating a prolonged stop geofence alert, you can now go back or cancel at any point in the creation process.
  • Data now displays when zooming in on the acceleration sensor graph, regardless of timespan.
  • The Tive application no longer shows the incorrect delivery address on a map. 

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share that in November, you’ll be able to easily add collaborators to shipments templates as shown below. When you assign a template to an upcoming shipment, collaborators will automatically be added to that shipment, saving you time and streamlining communication across all shipment stakeholders.

Adding collaborators to shipment templates coming soon