October 2023 Product Roundup

Here's a roundup of new features we released in October! Learn what you didn't know you could do with Tive—and what you can do better.

What’s New

Tive Tag is now integrated into the Tive cloud platform

We’re excited to share that Tive Tag data has been fully migrated into the Tive platform. This marks a significant milestone in Tive’s commitment to providing you with a more robust and feature-rich platform—to meet your every need. If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact our support team at

Tive Tag data is now integrated into the Tive cloud platform

We’ve improved the self-guided onboarding experience

Back in March of this year, we released self-guided onboarding to help you quickly get up and running using Tive. This latest release includes the following improvements:

  • Overview modules highlight examples of various workflows you can perform or learn more about in greater detail 
  • Pro tips offer quick pointers or suggestions for how to use specific features 
  • Walkthroughs guide you through a series of steps to help you learn how to perform a specific function or workflow 
  • We’ve also provided opportunities to submit feedback to help our internal teams understand how we can improvement the onboarding process for you in the future
We’ve improved the self-guided onboarding experience

Little Fixes = Big Improvements

  • Tive Tag data has successfully been migrated over from the legacy platform into our main Tive cloud platform
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Admin users from being able to download Tive Tag calibration certificates from within the platform

If you need any help or have any questions, we’re always here for you. Drop us a note at

Coming Soon

We’re excited to share a powerful new feature coming in November!

Modify your current tracker settings

Coming in November, you will be able to modify your tracker’s settings directly in the Tive platform, without having to contact support—giving you greater control over your in-transit devices. Today, you can only view the current settings for each tracker—and determine whether there’s a configuration profile active on your device. Previously, our support teams used configuration profiles to configure your devices in bulk, and to troubleshoot issues.

Coming soon: Modify your tracker’s settings while in transit