Exceed your customers’ expectations with real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility.

Whether your shipments involve a single carrier or multiple carriers—or one transportation mode or many—real-time shipment visibility keeps all stakeholders connected, assures on-time and in-full deliveries, and creates loyal, delighted customers.

Learn how GEODIS gains competitive edge and protects customers’ valuable cargo with Tive’s real-time visibility solution—and how they saved a $1 million shipment.

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Reduce risk and avoid in-transit disruptions.

The handoffs required between carriers, ports, customs, warehouses, distribution centers, and customers can mean a loss of control over your shipments—but Tive gives that control back to you.

Tive’s hyper-accurate trackers and cloud-based visibility platform provide data and insights on the location and condition of your freight in real time, allowing you to actively monitor shipments and prevent in-transit issues—before they become losses and claims.

Trusted by Logistics Service Providers around the world:

Learn how end-to-end shipment visibility can help YOUR business.

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Tive offers flexible solutions to meet all of your customers’ visibility needs:

Why Tive Solo 5G Trackers?

Stop wasting time and money calling drivers, confirming shipment location, and managing handoffs. The Tive solution includes:

Real-time shipment location and condition tracking (temperature, humidity, light, and shock) across all modes of transportation
Lithium and Non-Lithium models to suit your needs
Coverage in 186 countries via best-in-class connectivity (2G, 4G/5G)
Robust battery life powers long-distance/multimodal shipments
Single- or multi-use options
Approval on 130+ air carriers

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