CYSPACK: Providing Value-Added Services Above & Beyond the Competition

July 8, 2024


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Founded in 1990 and based in Barcelona, C&S Packaging Supplier—also known as CYSPACK—is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying​ commercial and industrial packaging solutions. CYSPACK manufactures thermal protection for cargo under the Embatuff® brand—including thermal container liners and thermal pallet covers—and provides a wide range of industrial packaging products to customers around the globe. Among its accomplishments, CYSPACK has created and patented the fastest installation of thermal liners in the market.

When CYSPACK began exporting products in 2016, it quickly became apparent that they needed a feature-rich shipment tracking solution. They started with traditional data loggers, but no commercially-available products provided the breadth of features they wanted. CYSPACK then tried a system that included very basic data loggers, but the data wasn’t transmitted at a useful rate. No matter what product they tried, CYSPACK struggled to get the high level of traceability they needed to facilitate worry-free export.

Amadeo Vivancos, Export Manager at CYSPACK, met Tive at a logistics fair in Barcelona. He was impressed by what he learned about the Solo 5G trackers and cloud platform, decided to conduct a proof of value trial, and ultimately decided that the Solo 5G provided CYSPACK with the perfect solution. “When we started using Tive, we tested the products thoroughly and searched for flaws—but everything went well, and we have been using Tive ever since,” said Vivancos. 

“We always advise our customers on the limits of any thermal protections. Tive helps us overcome any potential customer distrust regarding these thermal protections and demonstrate to customers that our solutions work well for a wide range of sectors.” —Amadeo Vivancos, Export Manager at CYSPACK

Tive Real-Time Tracking = Differentiation

One big benefit CYSPACK gains by using Tive? The ability to provide value-added services above and beyond what its customers can get from the competition. Says Vivancos, “It is a sign of success that when one of our customers tries Tive, the product always works well—and the customer is quickly convinced that they are seeing accurate readings on the platform.” This enables CYSPACK customers to rest easy, knowing that the shipment information they see is accurate, and that data can be easily viewed online or downloaded.

Once a customer has experienced success using Tive on a single shipment, CYSPACK promotes Tive for all future shipments—the customer can either buy Solo 5G trackers through CYSPACK or directly from Tive—for continued visibility from origin to destination. “Tive lets our customers achieve access to shipment data without needing anyone at the destination to make a connection. Tive provides complete visibility to us and our customers,” continues Vivancos.

“With Tive, I immediately get the real-time shipment information I need, and I can easily share it with stakeholders. Tive is a holistic solution that provides CYSPACK with deep visibility into everything that is important to us.” - says Vivancos.

Flexibility + Real-Time Visibility + Compliance

Deep visibility into every shipment provides CYSPACK customers with a number of benefits. Tive provides a flexible tracking solution, offers the ability to change tracker settings while shipments are in transit, and enables customers to quickly and easily respond in compliance and insurance situations.

According to Vivancos, “Tive allows me to give my customers three important things: the flexibility to use as many trackers and Tive Beacons as they need per trip and detailed shipment data they can access to support any audits that may arise. We can also configure tracker settings on the fly, for example, if there is a temperature or route deviation, if a trailer or container door opens (which could indicate a theft event), and other scenarios.”

CYSPACK appreciates how Tive makes communication with their end-customers easy. “I provide customers with a link to their shipment, and that's it. I don't have to send them constant shipment updates, because they can click the link and have direct access to it,” continues Vivancos. 

Real-Time, Granular Temperature Tracking

For CYSPACK, maintaining consistent shipment temperature is paramount—and not only on a per-container basis. CYSPACK wanted to be able to monitor the temperature of different zones within a single container—to keep an eye out for fluctuations.

For some shipments, CYSPACK attaches several Tive trackers to a single container—to measure temperature readings at the top, middle, and near the door. Says Vivancos, “We do this in case it is necessary to send delicate or expensive shipments in a reefer with defined areas to support two or three different temperatures. We create some interior walls, and watch how the temperatures fluctuate.”

CYSPACK also uses a Solo 5G tracker in combination with 1-2 Tive Beacons to achieve accurate temperature awareness. The Beacon works with the Solo 5G to provide temperature and location data—at the item level or on pallets in different locations within a shipment. Real-time data is transmitted from the Beacon to the Solo 5G trackers and is sent to the Tive cloud platform.

“We created a popular promotion that includes a Solo 5G tracker and a Beacon—with the idea of always placing one outside the liner and another inside—to see if there is a difference between how the merchandise would travel when unprotected versus protected,” states Vivancos.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

Another big selling point for CYSPACK is how easy the Tive solution is to onboard. “Activating the trackers is simple—all it takes is one push of a button,” says Vivancos. “And in addition to uniting shipment data in the cloud platform from the trackers and the Beacon, the platform is very easy to use compared to other similar platforms we have used. That has been perfect.”

Vivancos continued, “I also appreciate that I don’t have to stop a trip to generate a report. At any time during a shipment, a report can be downloaded—either in PDF or CSV. This was something that was impossible with the other tools we tried.”

Another time-saving feature is that Tive users are empowered to set up shipments and configure trackers themselves—and they can build configurations that can be reused. CYSPACK shipments often have similar parameters, and the shipment templates in the Tive platform help streamline the team’s work.

But that’s not all. “When we tried to change shipment parameters using other tools early on, we had to get people at the tracker company to enter all shipment data and configure the trackers. Not so with Tive. CYSPACK has the power to control all of that,” says Vivancos.

“In terms of a review, I would give Tive a 8.5 or 9. I don't say 10 because perfection does not exist, but that is a very high review on my part.”