Dulces de la Rosa Selects Tive to Protect & Secure Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

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June 27, 2024


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Leveraging Tive’s Real-Time Trackers & Cloud Platform Helps Mexican Confectioner Protect Product Quality & Thwart Cargo Theft

BOSTON, June 27 – Tive, the global leader in supply chain and logistics visibility technology, today announced a new customer story with Dulces de la Rosa—a Jalisco, Mexico-based confectioner who prides itself on creating high-quality, innovative candy products. Dulces de la Rosa chose Tive because the company needed a shipment tracking solution that included immediate alerts for temperature, humidity, and location, as well as light exposure—which can be an indicator of cargo theft.

Before using Tive, Dulces de la Rosa used basic GPS trackers to monitor the location of shipments—an ineffective solution, considering these only provided the shipment’s last reported location. To maintain their product’s impeccable quality from creation to consumption, Dulces de la Rosa needed a more advanced solution—one that could track the real-time location and condition of their precious perishables, from start to finish.

Dulces de la Rosa initially selected Tive for their advanced Solo 5G trackers, which utilize GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation to deliver precise, real-time location data. While other tracking devices were considered, none matched the real-time location capabilities integral to Tive’s solutions. Dulces de la Rosa has come to rely on Tive Solo 5G trackers to pinpoint exact locations with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

Integrating Tive trackers into Dulces de la Rosa shipments quickly proved beneficial in reducing cargo theft incidents. In 2023, global cargo theft surged by 600% compared to 2022, with Mexico experiencing over 20,000 cargo theft events—including 7,800 hijackings. In one instance, Dulces de la Rosa faced a theft event near Mexico City. Upon realizing the truck had been stolen, the company utilized the Tive cloud platform to track the shipment’s movements throughout the city. By pinpointing the truck’s location, Dulces de la Rosa was able to coordinate directly with the police, leading to a successful recovery of the entire shipment.

“I am proud that Dulces de la Rosa counts on Tive to ensure that their perishable shipments arrive safely—and on time,” said Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder of Tive. “Our solution not only provides real-time location and condition monitoring, it also significantly reduces the risk of cargo theft, ensuring peace of mind and reliability for our customers—and for their end-customers.”

The entire Dulces de la Rosa customer story can be read here.

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