Tive & Food Shippers of America Unveil New Research on Food Shippers’ Digital Transformation & Supply Chain Excellence

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May 15, 2024


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75% of Food Shipping Industry Leaders Are Investing in Supply Chain Visibility Technology to Enhance Compliance, Security & Customer Satisfaction

BOSTON, MA, May 15, 2024–Tive, the global leader in supply chain and logistics visibility technology, and Food Shippers of America (FSA), a nonprofit in the food and beverage industry, today released their collaborative report—Food Shippers Guide to Food Chain Digital Transformation—which illuminates pressing challenges and pivotal opportunities in food logistics to improve risk management, regulatory compliance, and operations using real-time visibility.

“The demand for real-time supply chain visibility has skyrocketed, and food shippers—grappling with issues such as increasing cargo theft and stringent safety and compliance protocols—have found a powerful ally in advanced tracking and visibility technology,” said Rajah Nagarajah, Director of Sales for the Food Vertical at Tive. “With a 63% increase in theft within the food and beverage sector this year alone, it’s clear that robust shipment protection is more crucial than ever.”

Visibility and tracking technologies have grown to be essential for securing shipments as global supply chain disruptions, fluctuating freight costs, and cargo theft and fraud incidents rise. The report—which uncovers major challenges in food supply chains and outlines how leaders such as distributor Golden West Food Group are overcoming them—highlights:

  • Rising costs are squeezing margins for food manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. 38% of respondents cited market fluctuations/rising costs as a top supply chain challenge.
  • Traceability and compliance standards are a major pain point for food shippers. Despite global regulations such as the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), 26% of food shippers aren’t monitoring temperature-controlled shipments at all.
  • 73% of respondents highlight end-customer satisfaction as a primary advantage of real-time visibility. Other benefits include minimized fees due to shipment delays (64%), risk and theft reduction (56%), and traceability and food safety support (49%).
  • The need for speed and efficiency is forcing food companies to focus on supply chain management. 75% of respondents say they’re investing in technologies to support supply chain/shipment visibility.

“Leveraging real-time shipment visibility not only helps combat these threats—it enhances overall supply chain efficiency and integrity,” adds Krenar Komoni, Tive Founder and CEO. “In today’s complex global marketplace, real-time visibility is the holy grail for food shippers and their providers. It’s no surprise that 75% of leaders are investing in real-time visibility as a focal point for their broader digital transformation strategy. End-to-end monitoring—especially of temperature, light exposure, and location—is crucial for ensuring product quality, minimizing food waste, reducing excursions, and improving delivery efficiency.”

For detailed insights and the complete analysis, read the full report by Tive and Food Shippers of America: “Food Shippers Guide to Food Chain Digital Transformation.” 

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