The Key Highlights of Gartner's Market Guide for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

June 23, 2023

July 2, 2024


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As the gears of global commerce continue to turn at a dizzying pace, one aspect of the logistics and shipping industry has emerged as a game changer: Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms (RTTVPs). Acting like a GPS for supply chains, RTTVPs grant shippers and Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) the power to dodge disruptions, refine operations, and easily meet customer demands for transparency. 

The latest Gartner real-time transportation visibility platform market guide thoroughly analyzes this transformative technology, presenting the latest trends and profiles of leading vendors. That said, the real-time visibility domain is constantly evolving— and innovative players such as Tive are making notable progress.

In this article, we peel back the layers of the Gartner report, exploring its insights to redefine your understanding of logistics and shipping in 2023.

Understanding Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

When you picture a well-oiled supply chain, you likely imagine smooth and efficient operations seamlessly coordinated in real time. RTTVPs are vital tools in making this happen.

What are RTTVPs?

Gartner defines RTTVPs as platforms that provide commercial customers and consumers with “real-time insights into their orders and shipments once they have left the warehouse or other type of facility of a brand owner, supplier, contract manufacturer or service provider.”

In other words, these digital platforms offer real-time tracking of goods—from point of origin to point of destination. RTTVPs reveal precise freight location, predict potential delays, and deliver analytics for better decision making for shippers and LSPs.

How Do RTTVPs Work?

RTTVPs gather data from multiple sources, such as GPS devices, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), and IoT sensors attached to shipments. This data is then processed and presented in a user-friendly interface, offering a granular view of the entire transportation process.

Role in End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

In the larger scope of end-to-end supply chain visibility, RTTVPs ensure that every link in the supply chain is visible and accountable. They reduce uncertainties, enhance efficiency, and enable proactive management of potential issues by providing real-time updates. For shippers and LSPs, this ensures a seamless flow of goods—and improves customer satisfaction.

Core Capabilities of RTTVPs

The Gartner report sheds light on the various functions of real-time transportation visibility platforms essential for shippers and LSPs. Let's explore these features.

Foundational Capabilities

At the heart of RTTVPs, we find critical functions such as Order Capture, which facilitates seamless order management. Coupled with Data Cleansing/Compliance, these platforms ensure accuracy and regulatory adherence. Basic Tracking offers a real-time eye on the movement of goods, while Messaging/Alerts keep stakeholders informed. Predictive ETA gives a window into arrival times, and intuitive Dashboards provide a quick visual overview. Finally, Carrier Networks/Integration binds these elements together—promoting seamless operations.

Extended Capabilities

Beyond the fundamentals, RTTVPs boast advanced features. Advanced Analytics and Reporting enable data-driven decision making, and Yard Management optimizes space use. Dynamic Appointment Scheduling enhances resource management, while Networked Visibility fosters collaborative planning. Moreover, features like Collaboration and Workflow Automation streamline processes. Finally, Predictive Insights offer foresight into potential disruptions, allowing for proactive action.

Key Players & Market Trends

To better understand real-time transportation visibility platforms, it is essential to stay informed about the key players shaping the market—and the latest trends steering their strategies. The Gartner report highlighted both. 

Overview of Key Players 

Gartner's review points to a vibrant mix of companies in the real-time visibility space. Project44 is at the forefront with its API-focused platform, while FourKites sets a high bar in innovation. Descartes is growing its Macropoint platform, and Blume Global leads in ocean shipment visibility. Emerging stars include Overhaul, with high-risk operations focus, and IntelliTrans and its industrial niche. Shippeo, dominant in Europe, gets high marks for customer satisfaction. Transporeon is charting its future post acquisition, and Trucker Tools seeks increased recognition amongst over-the-road drivers.

Analysis of Current RTTVP Market Trends 

Gartner discussed the following market trends in the RTTVP space:

  • Demand for Comprehensive RTTVP Solutions: Businesses now require RTTVP solutions that can cover a variety of transportation modes and regions—to meet industry shipment tracking expectations.
  • Rise of Sustainable RTTVPs: RTTVPs that report on emissions and other sustainability measures are increasingly sought after by environmentally-conscious companies.
  • Vendor Differentiation: With a fiercely competitive market, vendors increasingly differentiate their offerings, with established players leveraging their extensive carrier networks.
  • Market Evolution: The maturing RTTVP market has increased demand for globally applicable solutions, extended capabilities, and varied transport modes.
  • Importance of Inbound Visibility: Networked visibility—providing real-time updates on inbound and outbound freight—is becoming a key focus.
  • Partnerships: Partnerships between RTTVP and other visibility vendors are becoming a significant trend. These partnerships offer comprehensive, end-to-end visibility solutions.

Tive: A Noteworthy Player in Real-Time Visibility

Tive stands out as a unique and groundbreaking platform for real-time transportation visibility. Upon closer examination of their solutions, it becomes clear why they consistently improve how companies view, manage, and optimize their supply chains.

Tive's Innovative, Proprietary Technology

Tive owes its success to its unique blend of hardware and technology solutions. Their multisensor Solo 5G trackers—available in single-use and multi-use options, as well as Lithium and Non-Lithium models—provide users with accurate, real-time information on shipments during transit, enabling them to monitor cargo anywhere in the world. Moreover, Tive's cloud platform seamlessly integrates with its hardware trackers—making it the perfect complementary tool.

Tive Tag: Label Temperature Logger

Further strengthening Tive's portfolio is the Tive Tag, a revolutionary temperature logger launched in 2022. Tive Tag adds another layer to shipment tracking, offering temperature monitoring that ensures optimal conditions for temperature-sensitive cargo. This inexpensive, paper-thin label has quickly become a trusted solution for those transporting perishable goods.

A Broad Spectrum of Industries

Tive provides comprehensive solutions across various various industries, driving enhanced transparency within each one. Regardless of whether it's Transportation & Logistics , Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, or High-Value Goods, Tive's technology unites all stakeholders. It ensures product quality and timely deliveries by monitoring in-transit temperature and location, and offers protection against cargo theft and damage.

24/7 Live Global Monitoring & More

Tive's services extend beyond empowering industry leaders with 24/7 live global shipment monitoring. Tive can be configured to send immediate alerts during transit, helping you stay ahead of issues. The platform also delivers advanced analytics, turning raw data into actionable insights for shipping optimization. Plus, Tive's API integrations enable smooth data flow into your existing systems, providing seamless adaptability.

The Visibility Data is Compelling

Tive's significant ability to improve a company’s logistics  is undeniable and its compelling visibility data speaks for itself. Following are a few notable examples:

Robinson Nursery

When this Oregon-based tree cultivator faced challenges with their shipment operations—including communication gaps, lack of data visibility, and increased damage risk—they turned to Tive. Implementing Tive's Solo 5G trackers completely transformed their processes. They gained the ability to monitor crucial temperature thresholds (30-40℉) to ensure tree health, which aided in the identification of previously-hidden shipment failures. Improved communication and accountability followed, with customers enjoying live shipment tracking. Tive's real-time visibility solution—complete with accurate tracking, real-time alerts, and single-use trackers—offered Robinson Nursery a reliable and adaptable system. The result? Constant temperature maintenance, and valuable data that helped pinpoint the origin of any defects or issues. 

Alpine Fresh

Alpine Fresh, a key player in the U.S. fruit and vegetable import market, has significantly improved its logistics operations using Tive's Solo 5G trackers. Previously facing significant losses due to untraceable shipments and product spoilage, the company successfully mitigated these issues by implementing Tive. Notably, Alpine Fresh saw substantial savings from the outset, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, by reducing cargo loss and truck claims—including saving a $120,000 blueberry shipment and a $90,000 asparagus shipment with timely temperature alerts. The implementation led to improved communication, customer service, and shipment accountability.

OBE Organic

OBE Organic, Australia's premier organic beef exporter, partnered with Tive to optimize its supply chain amid pandemic-related disruptions. Implementing Tive's Solo 5G trackers, OBE Organic achieved real-time location, temperature, and humidity monitoring, significantly reducing claims and enhancing risk management. In fact, one instance saw a $35,000 beef shipment salvaged from import issues due to shared visibility facilitated by Tive.

Charting the Future of Real-Time Visibility

Real-time transportation visibility platforms have become indispensable in modern logistics. They streamline operations, enhance decision making, and mitigate risks—fostering a previously unattainable level of control. In this complex and dynamic market, award-winning companies such as Tive stand out for their innovative solutions and ability to anticipate the needs of tomorrow's supply chains.

As we look to the future, it is clear that the role of RTTVPs will continue to evolve, reflecting the changing demands of shippers and LSPs. Companies that prioritize innovation will undoubtedly lead this transformation—shaping the future of transportation visibility. To learn more, reach out to Tive today.

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