Why Does Tive Keep Winning So Many Logistics Technology Awards?

February 3, 2023

April 29, 2024


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Tive founder and CEO Krenar Komoni began his quest to create a better solution for tracking supply chain shipments at the family dinner table in 2015. Today, Tive is a global leader in supply chain logistics technology. Hundreds of shippers, retailers, and logistics service providers rely on insights from Tive’s industry-leading visibility solutions to eliminate delays, avoid damage, and mitigate shipment failures.

Tive constantly innovates and disrupts within the supply chain technology space because every shipment matters. When a company like Tive consistently delivers real-time actionable insights that save shipments, people talk, industry publications take notice, and the accolades soon follow. This article shines a spotlight on Tive’s award-winning efforts through the years.

Tive Innovation Honor Roll

Tive has received numerous awards and recognition from industry publications and peers:



  • Food Logistics Top Tech Startup
  • Food Chain Digest Top Food Chain Technology
  • SupplyChainBrain 100 Great Supply Chain Partners
  • Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Logistics IT Providers
  • FreightWaves’ FreightTech 100


  • SaaS Awards’ Best Logistics & Supply Chain Management Software
  • Great User Experience Awards Winner
  • G2 Crowd High Performer Award for Logistics & Supply Chain Management


  • Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain (Krenar Komoni)


  • Gartner Cool Vendor in Supply Chain Visibility


  • Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award

A History of Supply Chain Visibility Innovation

Among Tive’s many contributions toward making end-to-end supply chain visibility an affordable reality for everyone in the supply chain logistics industry are the following:

Trackers: The Heart & Soul of Tive’s Real-Time Visibility Solution

Tive’s multi-sensor trackers provide hyper-accurate monitoring of a shipment’s location, temperature, humidity, light, and shock. Placed at the container, pallet, or item level, the trackers capture and transmit data in real time with unprecedented accuracy. The data resides in a cloud-based platform where stakeholders can view location and condition data. Real-time alerts notify users when issues arise—enabling proactive excursion management.

Tive trackers, which provide global visibility coverage with high reliability in more than 186 countries, have evolved as Tive has grown:

  • In 2019, Tive introduced the first single-use and multi-use 5G tracker (Solo 5G)
  • In 2020, Tive introduced the first non-lithium 5G tracker

Here are a few examples of how clients use Tive’s real-time visibility solution:

  • OBE Organic: Greater visibility beefs up sustainability, risk management, and partner accountability. Read more.
  • Alpine Fresh: Detecting an in-transit temperature excursion helped save a $90,000 shipment of asparagus. Read more.
  • GEODIS: Hyper-accurate location data helped find a missing million-dollar shipment of servers. Read more.

Tive Tag: An Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective Way to Track Temperature-Sensitive Shipments

In mid-2022, Tive launched Tive Tag: the thinnest, easiest-to-use label for end-to-end cold chain monitoring of temperature-sensitive shipments. This revolutionary shipping label is easy to use: simply peel, tap with your mobile phone, and ship.

Tive Tag is the most cost-effective temperature logger available for monitoring perishable shipments. This paper-thin, flexible shipping label simplifies temperature tracking—and maintains an audit trail for compliance needs.

Tive Tag tracks and collects temperature data of shipments across your cold chain. Its long battery life enables reuse for more than one year—and is air carrier safe, with a non-lithium battery and no radiated emissions.

A Complete Solution for Those Who Require Ultra-Cold Monitoring 

The pharmaceutical and biologics industries have products that require tracking location, ultra-low temperatures, and conditions—vaccines, biosamples, and cell and gene therapies are just a few examples. In September 2022, Tive unveiled a validated and complete cold chain solution specifically for those industries.

This solution leverages Solo 5G pharma trackers—which support a broad range of cold chain requirements, including dry ice (to minus-100℃) and cryogenic (to minus-200℃) shipments—and actionable alerts from the cloud-based platform to keep shippers informed of a shipment’s location and condition.

Approved for use on more than 130 air carriers, Tive’s solutions are GxP compliant and all the components (hardware and software) are developed and tested following the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice 5 (GAMP 5) model. A 3-Point NIST®-traceable Certificate of Calibration is included with every Tive Solo 5G tracker, and both trackers and probes are fully calibrated by an ISO® 17025 accredited laboratory. In addition, the Tive cloud-based platform complies with both FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 requirements. Tive is SOC® 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.‍

With this new cold chain solution, shippers gain an audit trail to address compliance needs—as well as real-time insights that help reduce excursions and protect product quality.   

Open Visibility Network: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

In early 2021, Komoni looked across the supply chain landscape and noted the many amazing visibility platforms and TMS solutions to meet customer needs. He then asked himself: “How can they be even better?” Krenar envisioned a logistics world where collaboration between shippers, logistics service providers, and customers would be the norm. “Now is the time to start an open, collaborative platform so every customer can get the visibility they deserve,” Komoni said when announcing a partnership with project44 to launch the Open Visibility Network (OVN), the industry’s first collaborative supply chain visibility partner program.

Today, this consortium includes 17 of the world’s leading supply chain visibility, transportation, and logistics technology providers—all on a mission to optimize global supply chain efficiency via open visibility and collaboration.

Let Us Put Award-Winning LogTech to Work for You

As you can see, Tive offers flexible solutions to meet all shipping needs—with the latest in sensor technology and connectivity, a fully-integrated cloud platform, and a paper-thin temperature logger in the form of a flexible shipping label. In addition, with our 24/7 Live Monitoring services, Tive’s logistics experts monitor shipments around the clock—and actively intervene to save shipments.

Tive will continue to innovate logistics technology visibility because every shipment matters—whether perishable foods, life-saving medicines, priceless artwork, high-end electronics, or everyday goods. Let’s discuss how Tive’s award-winning technology can help you. Contact us today.

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